Why traders are
shifting to Punch

play button play button play button

~ Gaurav Soni

“I can easily enter into options call or put, for example for a particular strike price, if I click on the strike price, easily I can find the call and put, within 2 clicks I can enter into position. There is no need to search what is the put price, what is the call price, then I would lose time. But here easily I can enter into position.”

~ Kamlani Shankar

“Pehle aise jaha pe bhi main trading kar rahi thi, sab jagah pe woh ek problem aati hai ki candle close hote hi immediately trade execute hi nahin kar pate. Kyunki alag alag jagh pe jaake wo contract ke wapas usme trade place karne mein 5-7 second chale jaate hain. Par Punch pe main abhi kya karti hoon, main order place karke punch button tap karke rakhti hoon. Jaise hi candle close hota hai agar muje lena hain trade toh main woh execute kar deti hoon. Toh uske wajah se mera jo timing hain wo bahot zyada improve ho gaya hain, aur main immediately trade le paati hoon aur trade exit kar paati hoon”

~ Rashmi Sivan

“It’s become a little easier, you know Trading View, Market Pulse, Kite. Trading View, Market Pulse, Kite, wo karna nahi padta hain utna. Yeah, so it’s easier. Also exit jaldi ho jaata hain to usme points thode bach jaate hain.”

~ Vinit Chawla

“Mast app banavyo che, market maa hoon to aamto ghana varaso thi chu ane straddle karu chu moslty. Ane bija broker na tya karu to straddle ek to besava ma time laage ane pachi cut karvama time laage. Tamara app ma fatafat thayi jaaye che. Aam karine khabarj naa pade ane fatafat aapde exit thayi jaye che. Toh time bache che ane paisa pan bachi jaye che aapda“

~ Suraj Solanki


“Struggled with frequent slippages in trading. Haven’t faced that with Punch.”

~ Tanima Barman Roy

star star star star star

“5-10 points also matter for scalper. Punch is best to scalping. You have made amazing platform sir, I am able to take such trades with confidence. Because I know my execution will be very fast with Punch.”

~ Neel

Ishika Ramakrishna

“Good attempt to solve slippage problem. I can enter and exit fast without delays.”

~ Ishika Ramakrishna

star star star star star

“Punch app is better for scalper trading and all about trading strategies.”

~ Omkar


“Fear of losing big will reduce and more chances of trades can be taken without fear.”


Don Pop

“Losses due to slippage not seen here”

~ Don Pop

star star star star star

“Most people exit early because of seeing P&L only after taking an entry. But due to Punch setup we can wait for some trend, seeing Nifty and BN candles.”

~ Prakash


“Have tested updated Punch app. It is So Fast and exactly how it has to be.”



“The new Punch updated with EMA is simply amazing 🔥 great help while trading with it on Punch. Please bring trendlines also as soon as possible”

~ Mohammed


“Index Options trades are soo fast on Punch. Everything is available on a single screen, order execution happens in 1 click. It is helping me trade better.”

~ Animeha S

star star star star star

“I have been trading for over 15 years and not seen a more helpful and useful app. No glitches and works smoothly. Best for trading while travelling in a cab/Ola/Uber. Excellent experience so far.”

~ Srikanth Sridhar

star star star star star

“I am a working person, I do options trading part time. I can’t sit at the computer all day looking at charts and trade. I need to have everything on mobile. On the go place order and analyse. Punch is useful for this.”

~ Tulsi Acharya

star star star star star

"Amazing app for traders. The order execution speed is impeccable. Trading from charts really makes the whole process a lot easier."

~ Sumi Dubey

star star star star star

“Good concept, better to PUNCH order in single screen while watching chart, nice to see chart, PnL, premium all on one page.”

~ Sahadeo Devadkar

star star star star star
star star star star star

“Almost tried top 5 apps; after that one of my friends suggested this one, it’s easier compared to others. Smooth and easy trading.”

~ Chandrakant Sapkale

star star star star star

“It’s a wonderful application for index options, showing P&L, Indicators, Orders, Positions on the chart, which is time-saving and within seconds you can place an order. I made a profit yesterday in this application by its execution speed.”

~ Vikas Singh

star star star star star

“I have an account with Zerodha, Angel and Groww, but this is so much better. Their product service speed is too good.”

~ Mangesh S

star star star star star

“One feature I really liked is instead of swiping for a trade, we literally have to tap.”

~ Swapnil Chavan

star star star star star

“Total time to take a trade is reduced from 5 seconds to 2 seconds. Great job punch team.”

~ Devendra Yadav

“Daily webinars to help with any basic problem aligns me well with them. Good work by the developer. I am able to adapt quickly to the various aspects in the app.“

~ Manju Tanwar

“Solid performance and reliable data analytics are the hallmarks of this app. The inclusion of customizable alerts ensures I never miss an opportunity. I would appreciate more educational content for novice traders, to fully exploit the app’s potential.“

~ Hussain Laskar Nazmul

“As an options trader, I never realized the speed that I needed until I used Punch. I can't imagine going back to other apps now. you are delivering the promise that you had made. It really is the fastest trading app. Hats off to the way I can see my positions and PnLs😌“

~ Dipika Soni

“Well thought app for options trader. Simple and effective. Idea of trading options without moving away from spot chart is unique and refreshing.“

~ Hiral Vora

“Thank you for incorporating indicators and drawing tools; they've enhanced the trading experience.I'd appreciate it if you could consider adding more chart time frames as well, which would further improve the app.“

~ Ayesha Syed

“Punch is really quick , just tap on call/put and trade. In Zerodha, I have to change watchlist weekly, use 2 phones and go through many steps. This app helps in quick facilitation of trades and has an easy user interface.“

~ Evita Reny

“I am a working person, I do options trading part time. I can’t sit at the computer all day looking at charts and trade. I need to have everything on mobile. On the go place order and analyse. Punch is useful for this“

~ Tulsi Acharya

“I have been trading for over 15 years and not seen a more helpful and useful app. No glitches and works smoothly. Best for trading while travelling in a cab/ola/Uber. Excellent experience so far.“

~ Srikanth Sridhar

“I saw an Ad on facebeook. Saw its a new platform, was curious so opened account. Unless you jump into the waters you cannot swim. So wanted to test waters of Punch, how much money I can lose and how much I can gain. It has been good so far.“

~ Vishal Nahata

“Using the app from last 4 months and its my daily driver now. It feels great to see new features and indicators getting added frequently. It is becoming the perfect app for options trading. Superfast, super intuitive app.“

~ Mohit Soni

“I recently downloaded Punch. It's a gamechanger!! It is so fast and effective , a new way of trading. All the options traders out there, use this app and it will change your trading for sure. Must have app.“

~ Maithilee Shah

“Really helped me try to options trading without even opening an account. Got my trading account approved yesterday. I am starting a bit slow. Single screen setup saves time and i am in-out of a trade within few minutes. I have a full time job and I am trading as side income. Will review it again after a month.“

~ Lokesh Kumar

“A decent app with robust features, ensuring a good trading experience. However, the fees structure could be more transparent. Quick customer service response and an evolving interface show the developers are committed to user satisfaction.“

~ sadulla mazumdar mazumdar

“I liked this platform: it’s clear to understand and with responsive support. I have tried all the major trading strategies, and in my opinion, Punch seems to be the best. Tip: start with smaller amounts and practice on a demo account first.....“

~ Sharad Waghmare

“Amazing app for traders. The order execution speed is impeccable. Tradig from charts really makes the whole process a lot easier!“

~ Sumi Dubey

“This app has streamlined my trading experience with its intuitive interface and quick execution. Real-time data and analytics are precise, providing all the necessary tools to make informed decisions.“

~ Mohsin Abrar

“Fastest options trading app, I have ever used. I used to trade on desktop but now I am switching to mobile because of the single screen trading setup.“

~ Lokesh Prasad

“Interface is simply awesome. It makes trading options soo soo easy Overall, very amazing experience. Luvvly app“

~ Bharatesh Shiraguppi

“Good concept, better to PUNCH order in single screen on while watching chart, nice to see chart, pnl, premium all on one page.“

~ sahadeo devadkar

“It is Definately an awesome app for option trading,you get everything on one screen very convenient and fast app for managing trades“

~ Uzma Khan

“One of the best trading app, and I was impressed by how fast it operate. Im highly satisfied with the Punch. Keep it up 👍“

~ Sonith Gour

“Almost tried top 5 apps after that one of my friend suggested this one, it's easier compared to others. Smooth and easy trading“

~ Chandrakant Sapkale

“Fast, furious and fantastic!! Punch is a scalper's dream. Options traders, don't miss this gem“

~ gaurav pareek

“Punch is a good app for Options trading every call/put are on one screen its really help me to trade.No need to go on to watchlist like angel broking. Thx Punch Team.😊“

~ sanika kondvilkar

“Makes my mobile feel like a dual screen monitor. All indicators and trades on same screen.“

~ arshad fahoum

“Super app for options trading. Please add more chart time frame. Drawing tools in new update is very helpful“

~ anil dave

“App is good but I also look at options chart parallely to index chart. Please add option chart soon it will be very helpful“

~ Dilip Deshmukh

“One feature I really liked is instead of swiping for a trade, we literally have to tap.“

~ swapnil chavan

“To be honest super app for trading it was much easy peasy to login demate account and customise thing is just cherry on the top rest it just make my trading smoothly and efficiently“

~ Nilesh Sarak

“Always super excited to use this app. Fear of losing has reduced and chances of trade can be taken without fear. Impressed 💯“

~ Pranay Savla

“they have eliminated typing all together which used to cause issues while trading in metro. very well designed app for mobile trading.“

~ Stuti Jiandani

“Everything is perfect but i cant imagine how good this will work on tablets. Are you planning to get the app for tablets as well?“

~ Jayanth Nayak

“It's just the perfect app for options. Can't wait to see what the updates bring!“

~ Tushar Rohilla

“It's wonderful application for index options as its trading pattern including P&L,Indicators,Orders,Positions with charts which is time saving and within seconds You can place order. I made a profit yesterday in this application by its execution speed.“

~ vikas singh

“App is really good for intraday traders, although it needs little bit improvement.“

~ Aniket Gosavi

“Good attempt to solve slippage problem. I can enter and exit fast without delays“

~ Ishika Ramakrishna

“Smooth account opening process and good customer support, great application for trading.“

~ Shakshi Rathi

“Scrolling through lots way easier than typing in ,faster lot taking ability.“

~ Adarsh P B

“This app is very relevant for intraday options traders very fast and reliable!!“

~ Aruna Mhetar

“Great app for trading on single screen. Loved it😊time consuming and also User friendly“

~ rasika kadam

“Perfect but need you all to clarify that it's only index option trading right now“

~ Divya

“Total time to take a trade is reduced from 5 sec to 2 seconds. Great job punch team.“

~ Devendra Yadav

“I am new to options, before this I was scared of doing options trading, the market movement is very fast in options. But here I can see the chart and trade, I am comfortable with options trading now because of Punch“

~ Rani Lajwanti

“Can you make active position size bigger size in orderbook and on chart. Its not visible properly“

~ Supratik Mondal

“App is good I use it in split screen with Market Pulse data and its so helpful“

~ Kurian Joseph

“I have an account with zerodha angel and groww but this is so much better. Their product service speed is too good.“

~ Mangesh S

“It would be better if the brokerage thoda Kam hota overall the platform is very good...!!!“

~ Drashti Soni

“This app should do wonders, going to stick with it unless the app slows down because of too many users“

~ Achala Pai

“I am trading options daily on this. I really like this app. Very easy to use.“

~ Alok Singh

“Able to book profit with the single screen feature.“

~ dipesh naik

“I just started trading , absolute beginner but this app seems to clear all my concerns!“

~ Lorraine Evette Lobo

“Single screen Window and no switching of tabs light and faster“

~ Ashok Kaveri

“on zerodha i find trading options complex but here its very simple and easy“

~ Aditya Telang

“This is app is really helpful for trading its easy and simple awesome app“

~ Sagar Varma

“Nice swipe idea, overall demo script looks good, will open account now“

~ Savi A

“I try new products in the market, I can say haven't seen such an interesting one in years“

~ nikhil fernandes

“It is fast in order buying and selling. Good app.“

~ Santosh Korke

“Recommendable app for options traders fast and unique“

~ Nikhil Hatankar

“Tutorial links they provide are very useful“

~ KshitiJ Raut

“I was skeptical of this new broker but after one week they seem geniune reliable and hard working“

~ Kavita S

“I was looking for this kind of mobile app where we can track chart live, also the P&L instead of punching the strike price and all...“

~ nilay raut

“Trading through this app has been so easy. Had an amazing experience!“

~ Sonali Jena

“This is a new way to trade options. Like the speed with which I can enter and exit trade.“

~ Hardik Sheth

“Quite easy to use , awesome service“

~ madhuri prasad

“I can trade confidently while attending to my house work. Great app for housewives.“

~ Shruti Joshi

“30s timeframe is too good. always wanted this“

~ sivakrishna reddy

“This app totally changed the option trading experience on mobile.“

~ Abhay Gupta

“Very nice and convenient app for trade“

~ prajesh kokane

“Options trading from a single chart is very helpful to keep eyes on market and positions“

~ Pratik Amberkar

“Very user friendly not like Dhan where app gets slow because of so many things“

~ imran Qureshi

“App is super fast, haven't seen such an interesting product“

~ Keerthi K

“I don't know where this app was till now. Its very helpful for part time trader like me.“

~ Pradnya Kalsekar

“Have been using 2 mobile phones for trading , but with punch don’t need 2 phones“

~ Abuzaid Ansari

“I am new to options trading and I found this app to be very innovative and fast. Highly recommend karta hoon.“

~ prem sameer

“It’s incredible fast to do scalping on Punch“

~ ankita Kumari

“Punch lives up to its name with fast trades and single-screen simplicity. For an even better experience, consider expanding the range of available technical indicators.“

~ Dhaval Darji

“I have been struggling to find a app so that I could stop my hunt of finding one stop solution for smooth option trading experience which can enable fastest entry & exit points for me within seconds... a big salute to the developers of PUNCH for creating such a masterpiece. Great job guys 🙌👏“

~ Prathik Shetty

“Procrastinated for a bit , but once i got in , easily dwelled with app“

~ Bhuvan Bhuvi

“No app hang or crashes. Fast trading app.“

~ Kalai S

“I trade on desktop and started using Punch on mobile for trading only 5 days.TIll now everything looks good but need more indicators.“

~ Aqib dar

“Very fast with optimizations needed“

~ Amir Bhat

“Best App for intraday trader. Would recommend to give it a try.“

~ Rahul Deora

“Very smooth app for function“

~ sunil kumar Thakur 179

“Makes us think how desktop can be brought into mobile and they did it“

~ Monika Dhakad

“8 years I have been trading on desktop, but now i only trade on mobile“

~ Prashant Singh

“Super fast order execution.“

~ Sunita Singh

“Nice app but need to add more indicators“

~ Sejal Hatankar

“Best application for options trading.“

~ sadhana khedkar

“No multiple screen, user friendly“

~ Yash Chaudhary

“very easy to do 50 100 trades very fast“

~ Saai charan

“You've put 4 screens on one 6 inch phone. Unbelievable.“

~ vasant acharya

“Go for it traders would highly recommend using punch if you want faster execution“

~ Bhavna Mistry

“Feeling great to seeing the New features“

~ Vishal Anuse

“Some improvements needed, but going quite well for now“

~ Rajashekhar Chavaj

“Quite addictive and super fast app“

~ Kalpana Jha

“Conceptualised everything for mobile traders!“

~ prashanth raghuram

“Highly effective, socha hi nahi we could do something like this“

~ Dhanraj Wadhe

“Fast app but need more indicators“

~ Syed Hashim

“Account opening journey took me 5mins , very hassle free.“

~ manoj kotkar

“Nice very smooth app.“

~ Shorya Pratap

“Made for intraday options traders. Best app“

~ Hasan Patel

“Using this from a past 15 days for options trading and till now Punch has not disappointed me.“

~ pratik pokharkar

“Very nice app easy to use“

~ Dev Ahire

“This app is 'Walk and Trade'. I never imagined that a mobile trading app could be so powerful. With single-screen trading from spot chart with super fast execution, and stunning design, it's a fully loaded trading app. Welcome, Punch.“

~ Prince Vala

“If you're into options trading, Punch is the app to have. It's sleek, super-fast, and designed exclusively for options traders. Love it!“

~ Parth Sarkheliya

“Love the colors, design and intuitiveness of the app. A top notch app for options trading.“

~ Shivangi Pant

“Honestly speaking. Never saw such app with single screen trading. Punch had taken to next level. Good for big event days where price movement are fast“

~ Gopinath Mishra

“The app is very amazing. One of my friend had recommended me about Punch app. Really order execution speed is very smooth and fast.“

~ Renu Verma

“It's a solid choice for a newcomer or a seasoned trader to stay ahead of the curve in the fast paced options world“

~ AF

“App is Great! Need more things!!“

~ sagar kathrani

“Losses are saved as I can exit fast“


“Good customer service support“

~ rham 21

“they have made life easy and trading more profitable“

~ Ashlesh

“Analysing became easy“

~ Robin Thomas

“Best app for trading!“

~ Santilata Jena

“Single screen trading is just wow“

~ bhagyashree zagade

“True fan of this app, I will be telling about this to everyone in my circle.“

~ Lionel L.

“Very good app for trading“

~ Sunil Kumar

“After trading in this app, I told all my friends to download and showed them how to use it. Very easy to explain trading to newbies in this app.“

~ TheWeddding PhotoCollection

“Focused on users pain point for faster execution. They have pretty well managed to solve this problem“

~ Vishwas Shenoy

“Sir Punch is a good app for trading. Aapke pass tutorial videos bhi hai kya?“

~ Phlpsz

“I feel in control of my trades. Good job Punch“

~ Ram vishal Singh

“i suggested 2 features if they put that will give 5 star“

~ Rebecca Franswah

“struggled with frequent slippages in trading. havent faced that with Punch“

~ Tanima Barman Roy

“Great application for trading...💯“

~ prashant devkar

“This app is only available in android, Wanted this in ios“

~ Safna F

“I am not option trader. But I like the idea. Is equity coming anytime ?“

~ Rashmikant Vora

“Finally someone did something for mobile traders“

~ Harshita Karnani

“took me 2 days to get comfortable but now i am loving it“

~ Jai

“Amazing app to trade“

~ Nitya Kulkarni

“Very Smooth App“

~ Sushil Kumar Thakur

“nice app for options trading . will try in tomorrow's bank nifty expiry“

~ Tushar Monpara

“Profit is seen with my trade - very well done“

~ Akshay Shelke

“Very nice and helpful 💯“

~ Anjali Valvi

“Nice and helpful app“

~ Amar Kumar

“Killed all 5 trader problems in one go 🙌“

~ Amith Nayak

“Ha punch options traending app khup changla aahe yachya mule mla khup fayda zala aahe ha app me draroj vaprto Ha app sarv lokani vaprava he maj mt aahe tr hya app cha vapr vadhel pubilc la yacha fayda hoil tr lokancha fayda hoil Lokani pr day ha app vaprla tr tyanchach fayda aahe yachyat mla hya app pasun khup fayda zala aahe pn mi ha app pr day vaprto public ne pn pr day yacha upyag kela pahije tr yacha fayda aahe ya mtacha me aahe pn pubalic la ha app chi mahi ti sangitali tr te yacha upyog“

~ Prathmesh

“Sab kuch ek hi screen pe , so good!!“

~ Harshad Mandade

“Options mein trading seems so simple“

~ amey lad

“I love this app..“

~ Pranav Dalvi

“I have got good success with punch“

~ ritu pareek

“Please try to add multiple SMAs with different time periods . Its very helpful“

~ Rekha Deshmukh

“Experience is good. Add basket orders & more timeframes“

~ Surya Plastic

“Better app for trading“

~ Ghanu Gohil

“This is what I wanted, but it was a feeling and this app made me experience this with a feeling of speed.“

~ Double or Drop

“trade is going very fast no delay placing a order so far“

~ Krishna H

“I think punch will create revolution.“

~ Varsha Kashyap

“helps in volatile markets to entry and exit fast. Losses have reduced“

~ Neel Deshmukh

“Losses due to slippage not seen here“

~ Don Pop

“Was finding a new broker mil gaya“

~ Prachi Jadhav

“Simple saa app Hain badiya laga trading options in index“

~ jyo chavaj

“One of the best FNO index trading platform in India where we are getting all the benefits on the single screen.“

~ Sharib Showkat

“Heaven for scalpers like me😊❤️“

~ Amit Varma

“Amazing product love scalping on punch“

~ Amisha Makwana

“Whish this app came in before“

~ Kisan Vishe

“Mast hai, no complaints“

~ Arnav Pokhriyal

“Better than Groww“

~ Yas Yash

“better than zerodha“

~ Dinesh

“Did paper trading on Punch first, liked it so opened account. Platform is good, direct strike price on Nifty chart“

~ Apurv G

“Best Platform for Option trading“


“Punch has given me confidence to trade“

~ Jyoti

“Trading time and process kam hojata hai Punch“

~ Manisha Vekhande

“PNL , orderbook, spot chart sab saathmein“

~ Kishor Vishe

“Punch for Punching Trades now“

~ pooja desai


~ Ajinkya Hirve

“Bahut fast app h. Options trading k liye to sabse achhi app h. Bas or expiries add krdo. Abhi kewal current week expiry pe hi trade kar sakte h.“

~ Tara Chand soni

“One week trading kiya he ab tak ka experience accha tha, trading to smooth ho raha he.. One month ke baad experience update krta hu“

~ sharad kshirsagar

“naya broker hain issliye daar lag raha that but inka systems bahut acha hain customer support bhi bahut acha hain. trustworthy broker hain“

~ Vishal Acharya

“Trading window ek hi screen mein cover ho jaata hai. Jaise buy karna hai chart dekhke udhar hi kar sakte hai“

~ Shrirang Joshi

“Bahut tezi se kaam kar rahi Punch team. SL trigger best tarike se kiya hain aage jaake bhi acha kaam karna I salute all tem punch“

~ Ganesh Alhat

“Bahut aasaan kar diya hain options trading ko Punch ne. Dhanyavad“

~ Aarya Fahoum

“Buy order punch kia, chart se exit kia. Wah!“

~ siddhant jain

“loss cut karne mein bahut helpful hain“

~ Shweta Tanpure

“Best se bhi best hai!!“

~ Dhrupad Shah

“Nice App.“

~ venkatnaresh p

“Punching kaafi acha laga“

~ Minal Mohite

“Great experience!✨“

~ Shipra Jena

“Good app👍“

~ madhuri Ahire

“Great application“

~ sonali gosavi

“Nice app“

~ Akshay Khanvilkar

“Awesome app“

~ Shrikant Dabhade

“Pro wala feeling aa raha hain.“

~ Malti Ashar

“Sab kuch saame dikhta Hain Mast Hain“

~ Praveen Singh

“Maza aagaya“

~ Paresh shinde

“I have recently started trading and thought to use Punch for options and trust me since day 1 mai fan ho geya hu punch ka. Sab ko recommended karuga. Traders ke liye ye app ek gift hai.“

~ Tilak acharya

“Peeche ki taraf chart chal raha hain, usko dekh kar option trade le sakte hain. Aapne watchlist ka problem solve kar diya hain“

~ Sana Saiyyada

“Trading on punch powerful lagata hai, bas aur thoda features chahiye“

~ Asmita

“Bohot acha ha one screen mein sab ha, Quick decision le pate ha“

~ ubaid mukdam

“Koi bhi app itna jaldi samjh nahi aaya, ye bohut aasan hai“


“Brilliant App“

~ rahul yadav

“Bohot hi easy aur useful hai single screen trading, direct chart ke wajah se scalping karna bohot easy ho gaya. Scalper ke liye toh best app hai.“

~ sunnat ali

“हा application options trading साठी खूपच उपयोगी आहे!!!“

~ Maya Chanregiri

“Boht hi easy aur useful hai single screen trading, direct chart pe se trade ne toh kamal kar dia.“

~ Sagar Mengade

“Apka mobile app boht help karta hai scalping ke liye. Apka app options expiry mai boht shandar perform karta hai.“

~ osk creation

“I have recently started trading and thought to use Punch for options and trust me since day 1 mai fan ho gayi hu punch ki. Sab ko recommended karugi. Traders ke liye ye app ek gift hai.“

~ Anamika Shaw

“App is good. Fast hai, beutiful hai or jo 1 trader ko chahiye sab 1 hi place pe hai. Bas 1 problem hai. Funds k related kuch bhi ho to dusri app pe jana padta h. Please usko sahi kardo fir to 5 star app hai.“

~ Mohit

“Bohat hi tez app hai ye. Muje bohat acha laga. Kafi smooth hai. Expiry mai helpful hai“

~ Krish Jha

“Kaafi sahi hai. Ab sab kuch ek jagah hai. Yahi dikkat thi jo samajh nahi aa rahi thi“

~ Manish

“Marketpulse mujhe acha lgta hai, jab Punch ki ad dekhi marketpulse me laga kuch to acha hi hoga. Download Kia acha laga“

~ Sohanlal Malviya

“Multiple screens mein jaane ki zaroorat nahi hai, ek screen pr sab dikhta hain strike, chart, P&L“

~ Vishakha Wadhwa

“har roz watchlist change nahi karna padega kitna boring kaam hain“

~ Dilip Kantilal

“aise product ke liye toh aap 30 rupiya per trade charge karlo toh bhi chalega“

~ Santosh Jorvekar

“Champion product“

~ Sanu Pandav

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